Bruehl, Germany | December 19, 2016

MAUSER Know-How Conference: Proud History – Bright Future

MAUSER Group, a worldwide leading manufacturer of industrial packaging solutions, recently invited their licensing and know-how partners to the company’s 24th International Know-How and MIPI Conference in Vienna, Austria. During the event MAUSER proudly celebrated its 120th anniversary.

The conference was opened by CEO Hans-Peter Schaefer who guided the participants through the exciting history of MAUSER. Founded in 1896 in Southern Germany by Alfons Mauser, the company soon moved to Cologne into the heartland of the emerging German chemical industry, ideally located on the River Rhine. The invention of the Aniline Drum, the first ever open-head metal drum, enabled substantial growth. New production locations and sales offices were set-up in several regions around the world. With the introduction of the first all plastics lube oil can in 1963 MAUSER pioneered blow molded industrial packaging made from HDPE. Further innovation followed with the first Open Head plastic drum and the first 55 U.S. gallon Tight Head plastic drum. Based on the tremendous success of both drums, the renowned MAUSER L-Ring drum was developed and greatly appreciated by customers around the world. All these innovations were enabled by in-house engineered blow-molding equipment of MAUSER Machinery.

Today MAUSER is a global player in industrial packaging with over 5,000 employees, 1.5 billion USD revenues and more than 80 locations on 5 continents. “Looking forward, MAUSER will continue to follow the growth path and further enhance the life cycle strategy and global expansion”, summarized Hans-Peter Schaefer.

The Conference sessions provided a great opportunity for the MAUSER Licensees from around the world to learn about MAUSER’s latest achievements and developments in product innovation and technical service. Building on the success of the rapid growing SM Composite IBC series and using this platform for further enhancement and customization, the new MAUSER SM 13 EX – UL IBC was show pieced as the only Composite IBC available in the market with UL 2368 certification and will enable customers to continue using IBC technology for NFPA Code 30 flammable liquids.

“MAUSER puts product performance, sustainability and total cost of ownership first”, states Klaus Peter Schmidt, Head of Global Product Development and Sustainability Management at MAUSER. “We believe that any of our product and service innovation has not only to incorporate latest state of the art technology, design and material, but also is to reflect a constantly changing regulatory and business environment to make it a real benefit for our customers. Focusing on product and service solutions around the full lifecycle management of industrial packaging makes us a preferred supply chain partner addressing our customer needs on sustainability and circular economy.”

In a separate session led by Jörg Wotschak, Chairman of the Mauser International Packaging Institute (MIPI), MIPI members shared country news and updated each other on international projects and initiatives.

MAUSER also presented industrial solutions for new market segments like the medical waste industry where MAUSER continues to grow and has recently underlined this ambition with the acquisition of Daniels Healthcare Ltd. in the United Kingdom. Regulatory topics were highlighted as well as the extensive efforts MAUSER as well as their licensing and know-how partners are putting into various associations and committees. “We take our regulatory work very serious, are committed to participate in working groups, bodies and associations and openly share our view with customers”, says Siegfried Weber, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing of MAUSER Group.

On the last day of the conference, MAUSER Machinery shared all the new product improvements and new machine configurations with the audience. In-house engineering remains one of MAUSER’s core strengths and enables its customers to produce high quality standardized IBCs, plastic drums and jerrycans with state-of-the-art blow-molding and handling equipment. 

About MAUSER Group

MAUSER Group is a worldwide leading producer of industrial packaging with approximately 5,000 employees and a consolidated revenue of over 1.5 billion USD. Founded in 1896 and headquartered in Bruehl near Cologne (Germany), the company has influenced the international market through innovative packaging technologies. The portfolio for customers in the chemical, agrochemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical sectors as well as in the food and beverage industries includes plastic packaging, fiber drums, steel drums, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), and reconditioning services through the National Container Group (NCG), a MAUSER subsidiary. MAUSER provides sustainability-oriented full cycle services – from production to recycling (“ECO-CYCLE®”). With more than 90 MAUSER/NCG sites and multiple joint ventures in Europe, the Americas and Asia plus two licensee networks for plastic and steel packaging, the company is a presence around the globe.



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