Bruehl / Germany | March 10, 2014

MAUSER Launches New IBC Pallet

MAUSER Group, a worldwide leading company in industrial packaging, launches a new pallet design for its MAUSER SM® IBC Series. Building on the great success of the revolutionary composite pallet design introduced to the market more than a decade ago, the now completely redesigned pallet concept will further strengthen the MAUSER SM® IBC market reputation: High quality composite IBCs – designed for long term strength and optimum reusability.

With the introduction of its latest IBC composite pallet design, MAUSER consequently follows its philosophy: Combining innovative packaging design, dedicated material selection and high quality manufacturing for the highest performing and most sustainable industrial packaging solutions. MAUSER's new pallet design comes with pallet blocks made from recycled plastics in combination with a metal tube frame construction supporting a metal pan.

“The initial MAUSER SM® IBC composite pallet design using pallet blocks from recycled plastic instead of sheet metal became an industry benchmark in IBC pallets more than a decade ago,” states Marc Loeffler, Head of Technical Service, Europe at MAUSER Group. “The superior corrosion resistance of the plastic drip pan and the strength of the plastic blocks in day to day handling make this pallet design a favourite versus full metal pallets. Last but no least it is the modular design concept and the possibility to exchange damaged parts which make the composite pallet the preferred container option in terms of reconditioning and reuse of IBCs. Knowing well about the benefits when combining steel and recycled plastic, there was no doubt that our now completely redesigned SM13 pallet would build on the advantages experienced by the market for such a long time.”

“Challenging the Present” might have been the basic thought with the MAUSER design engineering team, when they came up with the pallet's new integrated tube frame design. Different from today’s standard IBC pallet design, the new MAUSER SM13 composite pallet no longer comes with a heavy weight central traversal support. A lighter yet at the same time stiffer trapezoid tube frame structure directly connected to the pallet's metal base ring increases robustness and handling performance.

“Even if not to be recognized at first glance, the basic design of our new composite pallet is completely different to today’s common IBC pallet designs,” says Dr. Detlev Weyrauch, Head of Innovation & Processing at MAUSER Group. “By implementing our new integrated tube frame structure, we achieved a more balanced load distribution which results in an immediate performance improvement to be seen in storage, stacking and handling of IBCs. Without compromising on the benefits of a composite pallet design itself, we were able to increase the stiffness of our pallet significantly. With the supporting tube frame structure directly being connected to the metal base ring, our new SM13 pallet comes with integrated grounding and shows superior stacking performance even at elevated temperatures. Based on the further optimized material mix of recycled plastics and steel, our new composite pallet on top comes with an even better environmental footprint, especially when compared to full steel pallets.”

The implementation of the new pallet concept goes in line with the installation of completely new production equipment at significant investment. The new composite pallet will be implemented in MAUSER’s European operations first. The roll-out to other regions will follow as a next step. “First feedback of customers is extremely encouraging,” says Pierre Ferracci, Head of Sales, Europe at MAUSER Group. Immediately at first testing, customers are impressed of the pallet performance. They are even replacing competitive products. At the same time they welcome our approach of not taking any risk on supply security and introducing our new pallet design step by step and region by region.


About MAUSER Group

MAUSER Group is a worldwide leading producer of industrial packaging with approx. 4,000 employees and consolidated revenue of over $ 1.6 billion. Founded in 1896 and headquartered in Bruehl near Cologne (Germany), the company has influenced the international market through innovative packaging technologies. The portfolio for customers in the chemical, agrochemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical sectors as well as in the food and beverage industries includes plastic packaging, fiber drums, steel drums, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), and reconditioning services through the National Container Group (NCG), a MAUSER subsidiary. MAUSER therewith provides sustainability-oriented full cycle services – from production to recycling (“ECO-CYCLE®”). With more than 80 MAUSER/NCG sites and multiple Joint Ventures in Europe, the Americas and Asia plus two licensee networks for plastic and steel packaging, the company is a presence around the globe.


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